3+1 organic and sustainable products for 2022

1-. Start your day with organic coffee. Organic coffee as organic food is culitvated without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides

Organic Coffee

2. Enrich your house rooms with organic cotton. Organic cotton uses much less water than conventional cotton and of course less chemical which degrades the quality of the soil. Your skin will love for this as there studies showing the chemicals left after the cultivation on the cotton can cause allergies

3. Go for Organic wine instead of conventional as Organic wine does not contain SO2 or sulphites, a very nasty allergen which can cause serious diseases most related to the lungs. Same applies to our Organic Figs from Kymi. They do not have this allergen instead producer uses a bayleaf as natural protection

4. Go for cosmetics which are entirely organic, made of organic natural ingredients entirely.

Most of the brands contain up to 95% or 97% certified organic ingredients and the rest 5% or 3 % are usually chemical preservatives which come into contact with our skin.

Good examples of entirely organic natural cosmetics are the organic rose-hip oil and the organic pomegranate seed oil which can both protect the skin with former to have moisurizing effects and the latter to have natural antioxidants which can protect the skin from UV 

+ 1

One extra thing, our reliance on a very short number of food ingredients makes us losing other good nutritional benefits from other foods such legume. There is an opportunity from Organic ekiosk to start including organic legumes in your diet:

3 colour fusilli type pasta made entirely from lentils and chickpeas, and it does not have wheatflour or eggs.

Organic fusilli from Chickpeas and Lentils

Source of first photo: https://unsplash.com/photos/MChTha-x6P4

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