Genetically modified, edited or engineered food lead to one thing

Changing the genetic code of living organism requires precicion, technique, risk assessment and evaluation of such change.

None of these things have been done by any of the companies which have poured millions into genetically engineering, genetically modification or gene editing technology.

You are aware of the reason behind it. In order to do an evaluation and to see how the organism after the gene change interacts with a naural organism several decades and hundreds of experiments are needed in the lab and in the fields.

And these companies have to make profit now. So the ”cancer” has been offered into our table without any kind of consideration. Now, you have officials, scientific magazines and newspapers talking about it and supporting the whole movement as if the matter is so simple as changing the packaging in the packet of crisps. 

Switching off one gene is affecting directly or indirectly the reading of the genetic code in total. They see the gene switching off process as one isolated fact non interacting with anything around it. It is a warning here such catastrophe will never be seen again for everever on this planet.

Profit is the goal, not feeding Africa, as you may well remember that known motto by the company which made irreperable damage to the food crops and animals. These companies are more audacious ever before and they demand from authorities to incorporate organing farming standards into their crops cultivations. Indirectly, they would like to contaminate the nature wild flora with their laboraty rubbish.


More tragic than ever before is that countries in European Union have given the ok to the commisionners to start looking at this.

Soya. Corn and Rice, the most genetically modified crops in the world reach continental European countries and UK without being checked at all if they are genetically modified, edited or engineered.

There is even abuse of words. One of them is bio from Greek language meaning ”life” instead they bring cancer and end of life in our plates.

Dollie died and nature can not tolerate such catastrophe which will lead to famine of the human civilisation on planet earth.

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