Organic food, why is it safest food?

Bee collecting nectar from flowers

Organic Food, is it safer?

Of course, it is.

You might say that this question does not make sense, safer? Safer than what? Safer than conventional food or mass production food with synthetic toxic pesticides and heavy metals left sometimes on the skin of fruit or seeds or vegetables.

Let’s see together on this important matter. A grower who uses the practices of organic farming does not use toxic pesticides to protect its cultivation.

If she wants to fight off any plant disease or pests, only natural compounds is allowed to apply to keep these pests away. Therefore when the food is ready to be placed in a packaging, it does not contain residues from these toxic pesticides as the grower or farmer has never used them.

May we recall together our recent post about ” what does organic mean? ” where it mentions that Organic Farming practices applied by the grower are checked and audited and such things leads to certification meaning that the grower can use the word organic legally and according to accepted practices, on the produce and on the packaging when their product is packed to become a finished product.  

Let’s take an example:

Weeds grow everywhere. Weeds are plants of low value growing very quickly and aggressively to the point where they suffocate plants cultivated to provide harvest of a specific crop or fruits or seeds or grains.

Grower following organic farming practices will never ever use the highly toxic and carcinogenic glyphosate (Round up) to kill off the weeds. Round up can seriously pollute water, soil and air and it remains in these systems for years.

Organic beekeeping practices will never ever allow the usage of armitraz to fight off a parasite called varroa. Varroa parasite can cause huge damage to beehives to the point where whole beehives can be wipped off/killed by this parasite when they are not treated early.

Organic honey is free from such chemical toxic compound residues.

To answer more clearly the question is organic food safer? It is safer than conventional food as it does not contain the toxic residues which can cause serious damage to vital human internal organs and in some cases accumulatively they can cause cancer.

Organic food is the safest of all!