Nature is organic and does not cause health problems

Nature has been always organic, that’s the way it has been working and it still works. It does not use toxic chemical pesticides to fight off diseases but it uses its own defence mechanisms to drive off any enemies such as insects, bacteria and viruses.

Insectides are neurotoxins, developed from the same nerve gases used in World War II (Source: Wellness Co)

”Organic growers use ecological principles and practices to build and sustain diverse communities of below- and above-ground organisms in ways that generally prevent economic losses from arthropod pests, plant pathogens, and weeds” according to C Benbrook, S Kegley, and B. Baker.

The same reasearchers also mention that:

”Combinations of cultural, physical, and mechanical practices are utilized to control weeds on organic farms”. These researchers made such a good compiling work on the paper titled ”Organic Farming lessens reliance on pesticides” and it is worth mentioning their saying about the adverse health effects from pesticides.

Biomedical research, toxicology, and epidemiology are making progress in identifying how pesticide exposures contribute to adverse health outcomes.
Four, 4, health concerns warrant more systematic and focused research, and they are likely to further motivate consumers to seek out organic brands:
(These are the 4 health concerns from pesticide exposure) :
  • Impacts on human reproduction and children’s development, especially of the nervous, immune, and reproductive systems,
  • Pesticide exposures and cancer, especially blood and brain cancers in children,
  • Ways that chronic pesticide dietary exposure may be altering the composition and function of an individual’s GI-tract microbiome,
  • Whether and to what extent prenatal pesticide exposures are triggering heritable, epigenetic changes that increase the risk of adult-onset disease, reproductive abnormalities, or other health problems

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