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Saving Our Soil And Water From Toxic Pesticides

Organic a word or a label on a food product seen and heard a lot but in reality we know so little.

Organic is not a buzz word, we are so confused that we believe as consumers the abused label ”natural” means organic while on the contrary a food labelled as ”natural” is not organic and it will never be.

Its production involves conventional farming which means usage of toxic pesticides including the well known herbicide Round-up, the glyphosate.

We have seen customers arguing that the organic products are expensive and they do not see the taste difference between the conventional food which is full of toxic compounds and the organic ones.

Instead of being happy when the organic word is seen on the label, we remain miserable.

natural vs organic

But we see in a different way namely the huge damaging impact caused by the non-organic conventional farming.

Organic food is related to word ”sustainability”. When the soil and water are not contaminated by the toxic chemical pesticides used in conventional farming to fight off insects, diseases, and weeds.

When spraying these on the trees and plants, some of these toxic chemical substances remain on the fruits, seeds, leaves and stems of the  tree/plant and subsequently they end up in our food.

The remaining toxic substances are called residues. These residues can not be washed off with lukewarm water.

There is very little sampling on these products little done with regards to testing of chemical residues from any regulating organisation/body either nationally or internationally in EU countries.

pesticide spraying

According to Merriam Webster on line dictionary, toxic : ”containing or being poisonous material especially when capable of causing death or serious debilitation” and it uses an example of ”an insecticide highly toxic to birds”

World uses over 4.1 million tonnes of pesticides and a recent research published in Environmental Science & Technology Journal on 3rd of February 2021 reveals that up to 50% of these toxic pesticides ends up in the soil.

They then get dispersed all over through the processes of volatilisation, wind erosion, leaching and runoff. Possibly a huge amount of them ends in water underground systems.

Humans end up eating and drinking contaminated food triggering diseases such as cancer. They have been seen all over especially from the studies in Round-up.


Here in Organic ekiosk, we offer clean products by selling only Organic certified foods, and only from artisan producers, farmers, growers and beekeepers.

Organic certified producer follow the strict standards and they are not allowed to use toxic chemical to keep insects and diseases away.

We insist in Organic Beekeeping as the conventional beekeeping uses the super toxic compound amitraz where in some countries it is traded with the name tic-tac. Symptoms of poisoning with amitraz are the following:

”the clinical manifestations varies from central nervous system (CNS) depression (drowsiness, coma, and convulsions), miosis or mydriasis, respiratory depression, cardiovascular depression (bradycardia, hypotension), hypothermia or hyperthermia, hyperglycemia, polyuria, vomiting and decreased gastrointestinal motility”

(Source: BMC Pharmacology and Toxicology, Herath, Pahalagamage, 23/01/2017. 

organic farm

Someone will become dizzy by reading only one line of the symptoms, and these are the symptoms of one toxic insecticide.

Humans are at end of food chain, that means food contaminated with chemicals ends in human body system, which in turn is converted into a toxic substances storage system.

Do we want our children to be free from all these dangerous and poisonous chemicals? Of course, how is it going to be done?

By consuming organic foods.  Free from any chemicals organic foods will help towards a development of a strong immune system to fight off viruses and flus in the future.

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