The food you eat is not what the name says

Thousands of cases are detected by all EU countries every year where the food is not what the title says.

Extra virgin olive oil which is not an extra virgin olive oil just an olive oil.

Honey coloured with caramel and having glucose added

Red pepper powder filled a illegal toxic colours Sudan I,II,III,

Product mislabelled

Products such as rare and expensive varieries of mushrooms or saffron (crocus) which are replaced by other non related varieties or colours which are of lower value and quality.

conventional or non-organic foods which are distributed in the market fully contaminated with pesticides

Foods which contain genetically modified ingredients and are not declared on the label. Especially with genetically modified ingredients, there is another issue namely not being risk assessed for the damage can cause to humans microbiota and gut: similar situation to the one of the vaccines containing genetically modified material.

Food fraud is the word for all the above. Consumers buy wihtout having any knowledge of what they buy whatsoever.



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