Why Organic Sundried Kymi Figs is superfood?

Organic Kimi Figs - The superfood

We all love our body and want to stay beautiful but some times stress during work distort and blur our diet choices leading us to selecting wrong foods especially in the middle of the day.

Foods which are full of chemical additives, preservatives and overprocessed ingredients are examples of wrong foods and dangerous to our body.

The weedkiller Round up or Glyphosate is now everywhere and it is known as super toxic and carcinogenic substance and has been found in many foods including conventional honey and cereals

Residues left on the food from the application of pesticides and nutritionists across the world suggest that we have to change our foods now to organic before it is too late.

So, it is a midday at work and the body energy level have gone down. Instead of munching a bar of cereals with plenty of chemical additives and gluocse syrup made possibly from genetically modified corn, why do you not try our Organic Sundried Kymi Figs?

Organic Sundried Kymi Figs-Organic ekiosk

We consider Askada Organic Sundried Kymi Figs are superfood. Below you will find the reasons

  • A source of high dietary fiber as it is fruit with a unique moist flavour. Consumption of fibre is good for gut. According to NHS UK: ”There is strong evidence that eating plenty of fibre is associated with a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and bowel cancer”
  • Full of natural antioxidants, the so called phenolic compounds. These antioxidants are known to eliminate free radicals which damage blood vessels resulting to heart disease. Organic Kymi Figs Antioxidants Level in Kymi Figs
  • Rich in minerals such potassium K, magnesium Mg, iron Fe and copper Cu. Potassium is known to reduce hypertension
  • We should mention that there is a research in 2015 showing that antioxidant compounds found in figs offers protection from breast cancer cells and another research in 2008 showing the specific compounds can stop proliferation of cancer cells. 
  • Organic Sundried Kymi Figs do not have preservatives, instead a bay leaf is used a natural way to eliminate molds. Conventional sundried figs use sulphur compounds such as sulphur dioxide SO2 or sodium metabisulphite or other sulphites salts which are known chemical allergenic compounds. All these suplhur compounds are known to worsen symptoms, adverse reactions and in some cases acute to those suffer from asthma.

Next time, let’s ask ourselves how we stay healthy throughout the day?

One way for sure is to select only organic healthy snacks, which are full of good nutrients, such as Organic Sundried Kymi Figs.

We want to Live Different, meaning healthy and away from chemical contaminants, we want to Go Organic!

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