The superfood : Organic Kimi Figs

We all love our body and want to stay beautiful but some times stress during work distort our diet choices leading us to wrong foods especially in the middle of the day.

So, it is a midday at work and the body energy level have gone down. Instead of munching a bar of cereals with plenty of chemical additives and, why do you not try our Organic Kimi Figs?

Organic Kimi Figs are:

  • a source of high dietary fiber as it is fruit with a unique moist flavour. Consumption of fibre is good for gut. According to NHS UK: ”There is strong evidence that eating plenty of fibre is associated with a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and bowel cancer”
  • full of natural antioxidants, the so called phenolic compounds and
  • rich in minerals such potassium K, magnesium Mg, iron Fe and copper Cu.
  • We should mention that there is a research in 2015 showing that antioxidant compound found in figs offers protection from breast cancer cells and another research in 2008 showing the specific compounds can stop proliferation of cancer cells 

Next time, let’s think ”how I stay healthy throughout the day” Only by selecting organic, less processed products, which are full of good nutrients.

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