World extra virgin olive oil competition – The Organic option

Things have been moving to the right direction now, to the organic direction!

We see that one of the most famous olive oil competition in the world has now the option of selecting or grouping the winners, the awarded extra virgin olive oils, according to their Organic status. We mean certified organic extra virgin olive oils.

This option has really made us smile and happy that the Organic products are now recognised in global competitions.

Major example of such option is the New York Olive Oil competition also known with the abbreviation NYIOOC and its website

That shows that consumers become more and more aware about the benefits of organic food products such as they are free from any toxic residues left

from the extensive use of pesticides.

We have to mention that another competition less famous than NYIOOC appears to have an award category dedicated to organic extra virgin olive oils. This is the Kalamata olive oil competition (Kalamata city gave its name to the most known variety of olives in the world, Kalamata Olives). Award results from 2021 can be found here on Full of Soil and Sun.

Our organic extra virgin olive oil is an organic product, and it is a blend of 2 olive varieties: Koroneiki and Amfissa one. Its product creators, Greenolia, source Koroneiki variety from Messinia county where Kalamata is its main city.

However there is only one competition with history of more than 25 years which is entirely dedicated to organic extra virgin olive oil products since its birth and its name is Premio Biol.

It was born in 1996 in Apulia, Italy, and according to its social media page, ”Biol is world’s most prestigious and trusted organic extra-virgin olive oil quality competition”

NYIOOC-Organic Extra virgin olive oil

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