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Several thousand years ago the Greek philosopher and father of Medicine Hippocrates said that ‘’the food is your medicine and your medicine is your food’’.

How, nowadays, our food can be medicine when several scores of toxic chemicals are used massively to food production? When food ingredients from certain countries contain genetically modified ingredients (=DNA cells of the ingredients have been modified in the lab)?

Do you know toxic residual of these pesticides, herbicides and insecticides remains on our food after the harvesting no matter if the produce is thoroughly washed?

Our food has been converted into a poison, not medicine, which slowly causes serious diseases.

The Organic ekiosk team is dedicated to helping people as consumers to learn more about organic, sustainable, healthy, free from toxic pesticide residuals, heavy metals, and genetically modified ingredients – GMO, ethically sourced and delicious food.

We are passionate and committed to offering you high quality products across a range of categories to help you make more tasteful choices.

All our products hold a certification from leading organic certification bodies to ensure that organic producers follow the standards and regulations of the organic farming.

We source all this organic food from small artisan farmers, growers, producers as we love their approach to how they treat environment as part of their family.

None of our growers uses pesticides or manufactured chemical fertilizers, or GMO to protect, fight diseases or improve yeilds in their crop in order to sell more.

Nothing is mass production here. We respect nature and its ‘system’ recognising the connection between sustainable methods and the ways we produce our food.

We started just over six years ago doing some Christmas hampers and going to food markets and Christmas fairs around London to introduce our unique organic foods.

Their uniqueness comes from the taste, texture, aromas and flavours. These taste feautres have been recognised by several quality award bodies and associations.

We want people to ”go back” to how the nature was cultivated by selecting the organic foods free from nasty chemicals. We want people to live different having food on the plate which does not contain chemical residues from myriads of pesticides used in crops.

Here in Organic ekiosk, living different means Going Organic!

This is our mission and we would like to share it with all of you across United Kingdom and Europe.

Welcome to our Organic ekiosk Organic movement journey!